You're confident about the value you bring to the table 

There's just one challenge; your "look" no longer represents who you are and where you want to go

In this digital age, there's no denying
the importance of your image.

→ Do you shy away from the spotlight because you aren't confident about how you look and feel? 

→ Have you been "getting by" when it comes to your appearance?

→ Want to know your "formula" to make style and beauty work so that you can take your career to the next level?

→ Tired of the fast fashion and beauty industries dictating how you should look?

→ Ready to stop guessing at style & makeup and discover the signature look that lives within you?

want to feel confident on the outside as you do on the inside?

you are not alone!

create your signature look


learn how to use your appearance to showcase your intelligence, personality, and ambition

welcome to VIP image consulting

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Create Your Signature Look

was born to serve amazing, confident, successful individuals like yourself. Having a makeup artist and personal stylist on call is unrealistic for most of us.

You need a signature look that you can slip into at a moment’s notice. Create Your Signature Look unlocks all the tools you need to put your best face forward. 

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"Natalie has a creative and keen eye and can very quickly assess how to meet individual personal goals and achieve an enhanced appearance for all skin tones.

People feel comfortable with Natalie and she knows how to make a person glow from the inside and the outside."

-Barbara Y.

"Natalie is approachable, analytical (like it) and easygoing. It's normally very awkward for me to show how I (cannot) do makeup in front of others, but Natalie made it very easy to have the conversation."

-Ivy C.

"Natalie was fantastic!

She was really able to understand where I needed the most work and helped me ton.

As she promised, my makeup routine has become much quicker now that I've had a few months to practice what I've learned."

-Kristie H.

"I was nervous about the makeup piece because I didn't know the first thing about makeup. I was worried that Natalie would be horrified that I used drug store brands!

I appreciated that Natalie was incredibly patient and broke all of the application into easy steps. I also really love having the mini presentations that I can go back and reference during practice.

Natalie had an amazing ability to be kind and encouraging but also not pull punches when there was something I needed to change."

-Vicki H.

"I appreciated Natalie being so consistent in her positivity and complimentary choice of words when describing my features, my choices and the impact of making a change. She always started with the positive and her constructive criticism never felt like something I'd even remotely take in any personal manner. The love for what she does was evident in how enthusiastic and excited she consistently is when speaking to me. 

Natalie was warm, approachable and her communication style game the sense that she was always super eager and excited to see me succeed. She wasn't shy to tell me if something did not suit me - her criticism never made me feel uncomfortable. Also every time she provided feedback she made sure to use that as a teaching moment and provide me further context for why she was giving me the feedback."

-Blanca G.

Natalie is an award-winning makeup artist, educator, and author. With a less-is-more makeup philosophy, Natalie prides herself in offering real-life, practical, accessible, and inclusive makeup education.

natalie setareh

makeup artist & educator

Meet your style & beauty experts

What is it like working 1:1 with a professional makeup artist?

What do you think of Natalie's approach and style of teaching?

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"The question pretty much sums up the answer.

Professional and personal.

Tammy has a non-judgmental approach with her recommendations and can make people feel comfortable no matter where they are in life."

-Barbara Y.

"Tammy is flexible, warm and calm. I used to think that styling was for fancy people or for people who have tons of items. Instead of fancy suggestions, her advice was tailored, realistic and practical (love it!)."

-Ivy C.

"Tammy gave me some great 'rules' to follow regarding my colors and body style, and I am so happy to have my silhouette and colors working.

My biggest Aha was the realization that even style follows some basic rules. I've also thought that 'some people have an eye for style' and the rest of us are just trying to not look foolish. :)

Now I am more confident in creating illusions with clothing shapes and colors."

-Kristie H.

"Working with a personal stylist is very vulnerable! I found the most difficult part was posting the initial pictures to the virtual closet with items that we own that we think belong with our signature look.

Not only was it the first time taking full-body selfies, but I felt like I didn't have any clothing "good enough" to put under the scrutiny of a professional stylist.

I really appreciated how Tammy worked with what I had and suggested new items that were at a reasonable price point with a few higher quality pieces. After we met, it wasn't scary at all and I was amazed at how Tammy nailed my desired look after only our first meeting :-)"

-Vicki H.

"I appreciated Tammy listening and challenging my thinking, encouraging me to find new ways of describing my style and keeping me grounded on the objectives of the program when I derailed from them in my quest to jump to looking like my vision board (and bypass creating my Signature look and foundational closet). 

Tammy was approachable and encouraging, and wasn't shy to tell me if something did not suit me - she has a direct yet gentle approach to delivering immediate feedback. Also every time she provided feedback she made sure to use that as a teaching moment and provide me further context for why she was giving me the feedback. 

Tammy is very structured and organized in her thinking and approach and often reminded me that this was a process and I needed to go through all the steps as suggested for maximum impact, which in retrospect was indeed very true."

-Blanca G.

Tammy is an Amsterdam-based image consultant who offers wardrobe styling and personal shopping for ambitious professionals, allowing them to focus on what they do best. 

image consultant

tammy parrish

What IS IT LIKE working 1:1 with a professional personal stylist?

What do you think of Tammy's approach and style of teaching?

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Learn how to use your appearance to show up confidently










pretty good!

now i feeL

I used to feel

about my makeup & Style.  

Real Life Fill-in-the-Blanks
from recent graduates


Keep reading for all the details!



The 8 week program starts on your schedule, with a 3 and 6 month follow-up coaching session.


This program is 100% virtual

You know you're in the right spot if:

You're confident about your worth.

You're confident about your career.

You're confident about your expertise

To ensure you receive plenty of face-to-face time with the experts, we limit enrollment to eight participants.

who's invited?

What the fashion and beauty industries won’t tell you...

You deserve to love yourself and the way you look!

Once you become empowered through your image, you take away the stronghold of fashion and beauty marketing. As an empowered and liberated consumer, you'll not only save so much time knowing how to shop specifically for your needs and goals, you will also save and prevent unnecessary stress.

Think about the clothing and makeup you've purchased over your lifetime, that sat on the shelf with tags still on. Or makeup that you intended to use but didn't know how. Not only is this a massive amount of money wasted, the environmental impact is also devastating.

After creating your signature look, you'll feel confident, not guilty, about your beauty and style purchases. You will know exactly how to combine and maximize new items into your capsule makeup bag and wardrobe.

Gain the extra professional edge without looking like you spent too much time and energy on your appearance.

the right stuff

nobody needs more stuff. You want & Need less stuff but the right stuff.

The Stuff that's perfect for you.

You don't want what the marketers, celebrities and influencers are bombarding you with on social media. You want practical, sensible advice that takes into account your:

- goals
- needs
- special circumstances
- personality
- past
- preferences, likes and dislikes
- body type
- face shape
- skin type

...and so much more!

LOVED working with you...the changes were immediate. 

I keep getting compliments. I really never felt so beautiful.

Ginny W.

what to expect;

structured, virtual learning

From the comfort of your own home

Available worldwide with internet access and camera-equipped device.

your own private portal 

Your private online portal & closet

Personalized documents and resources delivered to private online portal.

Your own private closet & makeup bag

what's included

'on the go' 

Access CYSL resources and virtual closet on your smartphone anytime from anywhere! Materials are available online for a year or can be downloaded for permanent access.

weekly emails

Each week you'll have new assignments to complete, including tasks completely tailored to you. 

office hours

Dedicated office hours with live access to Natalie & Tammy throughout the 8 weeks.

personal shopping

Program end: personalized capsule wardrobe and makeup bag.

Extensive intake session

private lessons

10+ hours of 1:1 personalized makeup and style instruction.

 Professional capsule closet and makeup bag, yes please!

Access for a year post program with option to keep open.

Intake & orientation weeks review your past, present, and future goals.

Celebration Soirée

Networking with other CYSL Graduates

Connect with like-minded professionals at CYSL's end-of-program soiree, open to current and past participants.

Tune Up Calls 

A pro stylist & makeup artist at your service

Throughout the program, in addition to the coaching calls, you'll get 24/7 dedicated email access as well as bookable office hours call.

Custom face & style charts

No more googling or second-guessing 

Discover celebrity styling and makeup secrets to curate your own looks.

this isn't your typical online learning program...

you value your time and money, right?

What the beauty and fashion industry won't tell you is that...

If you’ve been dressing yourself and wearing makeup for any length of time, you know there’s a clear marketing strategy in place.

Beautiful, airbrushed, super-thin models entice you to buy fast-fashion and "revolutionary" new makeup products. Companies in the fashion and cosmetics space deliver new collections and product launches at breakneck speeds so you feel pressured to keep spending.

However, we’re getting hip to that game, because that’s what it is.
A game.

You have a budget for nice clothing and quality makeup, but you hate shopping and fighting the crowds in your limited spare time.

You also don't know where to shop. You find yourself buying things on an emergency basis, and you've so tired of wearing that black sweater and same lipstick color. You want to know how to dress at work and outside of work, without having two separate wardrobes. 

Get ready to stop second-guessing your style and makeup—and say hello to confidently putting your best image forward!

don't take our word for it.

Here's what past clients & peers have to say about working with us!

Create Your Signature Look is for ambitious, high-achieving professionals who know the value and power of their image.

This program is for serious individuals who understand the influence that dressing for success and has on the moments that matter in life and career.

  • You don’t want to waste time and money trying to figure out how to do this on your own.
  • You want professionals to guide you and develop your own personal color palettes for clothing and makeup.
  • You want professionals to recommend products and clothing that work for you, your career, your budget, and your lifestyle.
  • You want to walk away with your own signature look and iconic style.

We know you are busy and have a demanding life. The last thing we want to create for you is more overwhelm.

We’ve curated this program specifically with your life outside the program in mind.

The time commitment we’ve calculated about five hours a week.

Of course, this is your program. The more you practice and fine tune your signature look, the better you’ll retain the information.

We recommend you spend more frequent and shorter periods of time learning and practicing throughout the program versus ‘cramming’ a lot of information into fewer and longer sessions.


We believe in doing more with less.

We’ll build off of what you already have and love, and use that as a springboard for the future.

Sustainability and meaningful consumption are top of mind in all that we do. Don’t have a wardrobe bag or closet full of clothes that speak to you now and in the future?

Rest easy.

You’ll receive both a personalized capsule makeup bag and a capsule wardrobe shopping list based on your budget, which we’ll discuss during
the intake session.


We are sure you will love the transformation you will experience after completing this program. We offer a full refund within the first two weeks, if for any reason you start the program and aren’t satisfied. 

Still not sure?

Let’s hop on a call.

06. What about hair?

We can’t cut your hair, and neither can you. We DO have ideas about the hairstyle and hair color that best suit you. We include suggestions in the program, for you to share with your hair stylist.

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Create Your Signature Look payment plan

Reserve your seat today for three  monthly payments of

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create your signature look
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Create Your Signature Look Makeup or style only tracks

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You can't really put a price on a lifetime of confident appearance but we've settled on

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the investment

* due to the highly personalized nature of this program, we want to 'meet' with you in person to make sure this is a good fit and discuss scheduling

**Tax deferred rate available upon checkout for business owners outside of the Netherlands**

14 day money-back guarantee

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Period.

We pour our hearts and souls into this signature program. We’re committed to making these 12 weeks a transformative and profoundly positive experience for you. If for any reason you start the program and feel it doesn’t meet your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund within the first two weeks, no questions asked. Once the one-on-one coaching sessions start, refunds are no longer possible.

Have More Questions?

If you are wondering if this program is the right fit for you, let's get on the phone so we can answer your questions.

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