Is a big presentation or interview coming up?

Looking to make an even bigger impression with your image?

Look no further than this masterclass on how to look confident and standout.

Taught by wardrobe stylist, Tammy Parrish and award-winning makeup artist Natalie Setareh, you'll gain pro tips on crafting the perfect look for any stage engagement!

Embrace self-confidence in style.

How-To Look Confident 
On stage Masterclass

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Have more impact with your upcoming presentation or pitch



Lighting makes or break your style and makeup onstage. Learn how to adjust your look based on the lighting, and allow your inner light to shine. 



There is power in color. Certain colors evoke certain emotions, consciously or subconsciously. We go over basic color selection, theory, and psychology in this class.



How to use your image to attract, not distract is vital to a successful onstage event or presentation. In this masterclass, you'll learn how to use your image to command the attention you seek. 

Our Lights, Color, Attention Framework

We offer coaching opportunities exclusively to Masterclass students. Save big when you sign up at time of registration! You'll know exactly what to wear, how to do your makeup, and what to pack after your coaching sessions with us! 

beyond the masterclass

Upon purchase, you'll have immediate access to watch the Confident Onstage Masterclass, with or without captions. You'll also get the slide deck to take notes on. Re-watch it as many times as you like, because you'll have access for a full year.

on demand access to masterclass

Love checklists and don't want to stress about getting ready before your upcoming speaking engagement? Use our checklists again and again until they becomes second nature. Available in Masterclass+.

Personal style matrix

As a bonus and thank you for your assessment of the Confident Onstage Masterclass, you can unlock the Personal Style Matrix to help you determine how formal/inform you want to be moving forward.
 Available in Masterclass+.

event 'go-to' style & makeup Packing checklists

Upon purchase*, you'll  receive our 50 page Confident Onstage Handbook, including our Lights, Color, Attention framework to study and dig-deeper. 
*Available in Masterclass+.

Confident onstage handbook

here's what's included when you sign up for this masterclass:

Confident onstage masterclass + coaching

Everything included in Masterclass Plus, in addition to: 

  • 1x 30 min coaching call with Natalie Setareh
  • 1x 30 min coaching call with Tammy Parrish

Confident onstage masterclass+

Everything in the the Confident On-Stage Masterclass, in addition to:

  • Confident Onstage Handbook (50+ pages with all the links, resources, images used in the Masterclass)
  • Go To Style & Makeup Packing List (a $50 value)
  • Personal Style Matrix (value $20) 

confident onstage masterclass

Unlock the 60 minute Confident On-Stage Masterclass right away, watch/re-watch as much as you'd like for a full year! Also includes:

  • Confident On-Stage Slide Deck and Presentation PDF

the confident onstage masterclass investment

Presenting in front of a crowd can be intimidating and daunting, but with the help from our Confident Onstage Masterclass it doesn't have to be!

Learn how to craft an audience-captivating look that will make delivering your presentation all the easier. Sign up today - you won't regret it!

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