Have you ever wanted to work one-on-one with a professional makeup artist and learn all the tips and tricks of the trade?

To unlock your colors, feel confident using everything in your skincare routine and makeup bag?

A confidently know where, why and how to apply makeup?
Create Your Signature Makeup Look is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about makeup in the most personal way. 

create your signature makeup look

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Have you always wanted to have your own personal makeup artist?



Makeup is deeply personal.

That's why the on-boarding process takes about a week for most people.

During that time, you'll complete a few questionnaires, submit some photos, and complete a few (easy) makeup assignments. Basically, we'll get to know each other really well.

Once the onboarding is complete, you'll be ready for your first 1:1 private lesson!


personalized face charts & color analysis

In our first lesson, we'll work together to uncover your current makeup strengths and weaknesses.

You'll learn your unique triangle of beauty and you'll receive your very own custom face, eye, lips, brow shape charts. 

You'll also learn how to determine your undertone and pick out the best shades of blush, bronzer, highlighter, lipstick, and eyeshadows to use. 

Then it's time for your concierge makeup shopping!


makeup shopping + your capsule makeup bag

Already have an extensive, unexpired makeup and skincare collection?

First, we'll shop your kit to see which things are working and which things might not be. Then, we'll supplement your kit with the items you need to fill in the gaps! This will save you money and do the environment a favor.

Don't have any items that work? Not sure what to use for your skin?

No worries! I'll build a custom capsule makeup bag full of products that will make you and your skin happy!


private lessons + office hours

Over the course of the 6 month makeup track, you will have 5 private (one-on-one) makeup lessons.

In addition to the five private lessons, you'll also get exclusive access to my office hours link and direct email access.

During our time together, you can consider me to be your makeup fairy godmother!

Lesson 1: Defining your makeup roadmap
Lesson 2: Everyday skincare & makeup routing
Lesson 3: Fine-tuning your everyday
Lesson 4: Seasonal tune-up #1
Lesson 5: Seasonal tune-up #2

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How Create Your Signature Makeup Look Works.

makeup artist & educator

natalie setareh

Hi! I'm Natalie, your Makeup Coach

I'm Natalie Setareh, an award-winning makeup educator and coach, author of "Be Your Own Makeup Artist" and host of the podcast under the same name.

I'm all about offering real-life, practical, accessible, and inclusive makeup education to anyone who wants to learn and unleash the amazing power of makeup for the occasions that matter.

I founded this program in 2017, when an up-and-coming business coach hired me to do her makeup for a branding photoshoot. At the time, I was primarily doing makeup but always liked to let my clients know that I offered private makeup lessons as well. 

She asked if I'd be willing to teach her how to do her makeup for her various face-foward events, eg. YouTube channel, public speaking events, and photoshoots (much like the one I was doing her makeup for). 

I knew I couldn't teach her everything in one lesson, and that's when the 'Create Your Signature Look' concept was born!

After she went through this program, she was so amazed with how much extra time she had and how much her makeup complimented her professional brand!

A month or so later, another entrepreneur caught wind of this program I had developed and asked if she could go through it as well... except virtually. 

While reluctant to offer virtual makeup education, I'm so glad I did. This client also had such amazing success!

Not only was I doing what I love (teaching makeup) but I was saving my clients tons of time, money, and waste (from all those unused makeup products).

I sat on the program for a few years because I knew in order for this to be really impactful and successful, I needed to find a stylist to round out the program. 

That's where Tammy Parrish entered the picture and it's been such an amazing journey ever since!

 I cordially invite you to celebrate your new signature makeup look at our bi-annual soirée! This is a great opportunity to show off your look, network with an amazing group of alumnae, and raise a glass to all of the time and money you're saving over the course of your lifetime as you get ready for the moments that matter!

create your signature look SOIRÉE

As your makeup coach, I want to get to know you, your makeup and style preferences, and your personal and/or professional goals as much as possible before we meet for your first private lesson. 


Ever wanted a professional makeup artist to do your makeup shopping for you? You're in luck! As part of Create Your Signature Makeup Look, you'll end up with a swoon-worthy capsule makeup bag.

five coaching sessions + office hours

Private lessons are where the magic happens. Office hours provide opportunities for mini-lessons, and 3- and 6-month tune-up lessons allow continued learning and seasonal adjustments.

concierge makeup shopping

Getting your personalized face chart and colors is probably the most exciting part of Create Your Signature Makeup Look! You'll have a reference document to refer to for years to come.

skin + face + color analysis deep-dive

included inside create your signature makeup look

Reserve your seat today for three monthly payments of

Reserve your seat today for three monthly payments of

Create Your Signature makeup Look payment plan

Create Your Signature makeup look Investment


Defining your signature makeup look will benefit you for a lifetime

Natalie supplies you with knowledge and confidence to approach and apply makeup in your own way, in your own style and to match your own lifestyle.

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on working with natalie...

"Natalie is approachable, analytical (like it) and easygoing. It's normally very awkward for me to show how I (cannot) do makeup in front of others, but Natalie made it very easy to have the conversation."

-Ivy C.

"Natalie was fantastic!

She was really able to understand where I needed the most work and helped me ton.

As she promised, my makeup routine has become much quicker now that I've had a few months to practice what I've learned."

-Kristie H.

"I was nervous about the makeup piece because I didn't know the first thing about makeup. I was worried that Natalie would be horrified that I used drug store brands!

I appreciated that Natalie was incredibly patient and broke all of the application into easy steps. I also really love having the mini presentations that I can go back and reference during practice.

Natalie had an amazing ability to be kind and encouraging but also not pull punches when there was something I needed to change."

-Vicki H.

"I appreciated Natalie being so consistent in her positivity and complimentary choice of words when describing my features, my choices and the impact of making a change. She always started with the positive and her constructive criticism never felt like something I'd even remotely take in any personal manner. The love for what she does was evident in how enthusiastic and excited she consistently is when speaking to me. 

Natalie was warm, approachable and her communication style game the sense that she was always super eager and excited to see me succeed. She wasn't shy to tell me if something did not suit me - her criticism never made me feel uncomfortable. Also every time she provided feedback she made sure to use that as a teaching moment and provide me further context for why she was giving me the feedback."

-Blanca G.


Create Your Signature Makeup Look is for ambitious, high-achieving professionals who know the value and power of makeup.

It's for people who want to work one-on-one with a professional makeup artist to learn their colors, their face shape, and more.

They want someone to tell them what works (and what doesn't) so they can walk away with a capsule makeup bag that will serve them in their everyday lives!


The beauty of doing the Create Your Signature Makeup Look track vs. doing the full Create Your Signature Look program is the flexibility. Not only in when you start but also in how long it will take you.

Ideally, it will take us between 8-12 weeks to build your signature makeup look. We ask that you dedicate between 1-2 hours per week to hone in your makeup look. I curated this program specifically with your life outside the program in mind.

Of course, this is your program. The more you practice and fine tune your signature look, the better you’ll retain and master the lessons!


I believe in doing more with less, so I'll be building your capsule makeup bag using the products you already have and love as a starting point. Don't have anything you love? No worries, we can start from scratch, too.

And remember the personalized onboarding process I mentioned above? Since I already know where you like to shop, which brands you love, and which ones to avoid, I'll make sure to shop with those brands and price points in mind so you're totally comfortable!


I am absolutely positive that if you've made it all the way here in the FAQs that this program is likely a perfect fit for you.

However, if for any reason you start the program and aren’t satisfied I do offer a full refund within the first two weeks.

And of course, if you want to hop on a call and ask more specific questions before you sign up, you can do that here

06. What about hair?

I can’t cut your hair, and neither can you. But I DO have ideas about the hairstyle and hair color that will best suit you based on your skin tone, eye color, face shape, and style preferences. 

Should you need hair cut, color, and/or style suggestions, I'm more happy to include my suggestions in the program for you to share with your hairstylist.

I keep getting compliments.
I really never felt so beautiful.

Ginny W.

LOVED working with you...
the changes were immediate. 

Maggie G.

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