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Image and Influence: Leveraging Your Appearance for Positive Career Impact

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Originally published September 30, 2023.

In this blog, we delve into the real-world experience of leveraging your appearance for a positive career impact. We invited an alumna from our Create Your Signature Look program, Blanca, to share her insights and experience on this topic. Get ready to uncover the secrets to maximizing your image for career success in this intriguing and enlightening conversation.

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Meet Blanca, A Dynamic Change and Growth Agent

Blanca, a dynamic change and growth agent, understands the real-world importance of leveraging her image to achieve her career goals. With her extensive experience leading diverse teams on a regional and global scale, she recognizes the potential benefits that come from projecting an authentic and consistent image.

As a leader, Blanca understands that her image sets the tone, allowing her to bring confidence and comfort to her teams and peers. This strength in her image has propelled her into management roles where she can establish herself as an authority. Outside of her professional life, Blanca is a dedicated mother who values the balance between her personal life and professional spheres. By prioritizing her image, she not only excels in her career but also enjoys the fulfillment of presenting her best self to the world.

Defining Image in the Context of Career

Headshot of Blanca. The topic of the blog is about leveraging your appearance for positive career impact.

Blanca’s perspective on image beyond superficial appearance

Blanca believes that image goes beyond superficial appearance and extends to how she chooses to show up in the world. It encompasses not only how she dresses and looks physically, but also how she behaves, communicates, and carries herself. For her, image is a projection of her authentic self and plays an important role in her career. By consistently reflecting on who she is in her thoughts, speech, actions, and appearance, Blanca believes she can bring confidence and comfort to her teams and peers, leveraging her appearance for a positive career impact. She views her image as a powerful tool for establishing herself as an authority and setting a positive tone as a leader. Moreover, Blanca sees embracing her image as a way to have fun while striving for excellence in her work.

She invested in the Create Your Signature Look program because she knows the value of her appearance, and wanted to show up consistently as a leader, in a way that is authentic to her while leaving a lasting impression on team members and potential clients. 

How image encompasses behavior, communication, and appearance

Image is more than just what you look like. It is also about how you behavecommunicate, and present yourself. Your first impression is often formed based on your appearance, but it can also be influenced by your communication skills and how you carry yourself.

When you are confident in your image and your appearance, you are more likely to communicate effectively. You are able to convey your ideas and thoughts clearly and concisely. You are also able to listen attentively and build rapport with others. This is important in both personal and professional settings.

A photo of a woman enthusiastically delivering a presentation to her coworkers. The theme is about leveraging your appearance for positive career impact.

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In a professional organization or business environment, it is important to dress and behave in a way that is appropriate for the occasion. This shows that you are serious about your work and that you respect others. However, what is considered “professional” can vary depending on the industry and the company culture.

Ultimately, your image is a reflection of who you are. When you take care of your appearance, communicate effectively, and behave professionally, you are projecting an image of confidence, competence, and respect, leveraging your appearance for a positive career impact.  This can help you to succeed in your personal and professional life.

Tips to Improve Your Image

Here are some tips for improving your image:

  • Be yourself. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s idea of what a professional should look like.
  • Dress for your preferences and personal style. There is no one right way to dress professionally.
  • Be confident. Confidence is key to projecting a positive image.
  • Be respectful of others. Treat everyone with the same level of respect, regardless of their appearance or background.
  • Be mindful of your words and actions. What you say and do can have a big impact on how others perceive you.

Image has a powerful impact on others, and it can be both positive and negative. When we present ourselves authentically, with confidence and professionalism, our image can inspire and motivate those around us. It can project trustworthiness and expertise, build strong relationships, and influence others to follow our lead.

On the other hand, a negative image can create doubt and skepticism, hindering our ability to connect with others and be effective leaders. It is important to recognize that our image is not just about our outward appearance, but also how we behave and communicate. By being mindful of the impression we create, we can harness the positive impact of our image to build successful careers and inspire those around us.

An image of someone cutting the word "In" from "Insecured" to leave behind "secured" on the paper, emphasizing the importance of security.

Transform Your Image with Create Your Signature Look

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Crucial Role of Image in Leadership

Blanca’s belief in authentically and consistently reflecting her true self through image

Blanca believes that image is more than just superficial appearances. She believes that it is a projection of her true self, encompassing not only her outward appearance but also how she behaves and communicates. Blanca understands that how she shows up can have a profound impact on others, both positively and negatively. With this in mind, she strives to authentically and consistently reflect who she is, not just in her thoughts, words, and actions, but also in how she presents herself, leveraging her appearance for a positive career impact.

Blanca recognizes that by embodying her true self through her image, she can bring confidence and comfort to her teams and peers, establishing herself as an authority figure and setting a positive tone as a leader. Ultimately, she believes that embracing her authentic self through her image not only empowers her but also allows her to have fun and enjoy the process of personal growth and career success.

How image brings confidence and comfort to Blanca’s teams and peers

Blanca believes that her image plays a crucial role in bringing confidence and comfort to her teams and peers. She recognizes that the way she presents herself, not just in terms of clothing and makeup, but also in her behavior and communication, is a projection of who she is as a person. By consistently and authentically reflecting her true self in how she looks and how she shows up, she creates a strong impact on those around her.

As a leader, she understands the importance of setting the right tone and being a role model. By projecting a confident and put-together image, she establishes herself as an authority and inspires trust and respect from her teams and peers. Ultimately, her image is a powerful tool that helps her establish herself in her role and create a positive career impact.

A picture of a woman's back as she delivers a presentation, symbolizing her leadership role. The theme is about leveraging your appearance for positive career impact.

Establishing oneself as an authority through image

By establishing oneself as an authority through image is a powerful tool in leadership. By carefully curating and managing one’s appearance, a leader can convey confidence, competence, and professionalism. A well-put-together image sends a message to others that this individual is serious about their role and commands respect. From dressing appropriately for the occasion to paying attention to grooming and presentation, every aspect of one’s image contributes to their perceived authority. By consistently projecting a strong and polished image, leaders can inspire trust, motivate their teams, and effectively navigate the professional world.

Avoiding Image Limitations

Blanca’s upbringing and the importance her mother and grandmother placed on image

Blanca’s upbringing was heavily influenced by the role models of her mother and grandmother. From a young age, she witnessed the importance they placed on their image. They followed a consistent skincare routine, paid close attention to their appearance before stepping out the door, and possessed a signature look that exuded style and grace. Their commitment to looking put-together every day inspired Blanca to develop her own habit of presenting herself in a polished manner. Their emphasis on image instilled in her the understanding that how she shows up in the world goes beyond superficiality and encompasses her behavior, communication, and overall presence. Blanca’s mother and grandmother served as guiding lights in teaching her the significance of projecting a strong and confident image, ultimately shaping her into the powerful leader she is today.

So, by striking the right balance between professionalism and femininity, she has avoided situations where her image could potentially hold her back. Blanca’s commitment to showing up authentically and confidently continues to serve her well as she leverages her image to establish herself as an authority and inspire her teams.

Recognizing the potential limitations for women in the workplace and finding the right balance

Recognizing the potential limitations for women in the workplace is crucial when it comes to achieving career growth and success. It’s no secret that women often face unique challenges and biases that can hinder their progress. However, finding the right balance is key to overcoming these limitations. This involves striking a delicate equilibrium between being true to oneself and adhering to professional expectations. It means embracing one’s femininity without compromising credibility or professional authority. After all, by understanding the importance of personal branding and projecting a confident and authentic image, women can navigate these obstacles and establish a strong presence in the workplace. It also involves advocating for equal opportunities and challenging traditional gender norms to create a more inclusive and empowering work environment for all.

A picture of a coffee mug alongside a pen and a piece of paper with the phrase "Build your personal brand". The theme is about leveraging your appearance for positive career impact.

Here are some tips for women on how to avoid image limitations in the workplace:

  • Be confident and authentic. You don’t have to imitate others.
  • Dress for the occasion. Take into consideration how others are showing up and put your own spin on it.
  • Be professional in your behavior. This means being respectful of others, even when that respect isn’t returned.
  • Be assertive. When it feels safe, speak up and share your ideas.
  • Be a role model. Pay it forward by supporting other women publicly and privately.

By following these tips, women can partially overcome certain limitations and achieve more of their full potential in the workplace.

How Having a Signature Look Is Gold

Having a signature look can offer numerous benefits, especially when it comes to reducing stress and confidently showing up. By investing time and effort into creating and maintaining a signature look, individuals can save valuable time and energy in their daily routine. So, with a carefully curated wardrobe and makeup choices that align with their personal style and goals, they no longer have to agonize over what to wear or how to present themselves. This streamlines their morning routine and allows them to approach each day with confidence and ease.

Moreover, leveraging your appearance for a positive career impact through a signature look helps individuals project their authentic selves consistently, whether in professional or personal settings. This consistency builds a strong and recognizable personal brand, making it easier for others to connect with and remember them. As a result, a signature look empowers individuals to show up as their best selves, free from the stress of decision-making and armed with the confidence to make a positive impact in their careers and beyond.

Image of a woman trying to choose between two clothing options. The theme is about leveraging your appearance for positive career impact.

Here are some of the benefits of having a signature look:

  • Saves time and energy in your daily routine
  • Builds a strong and recognizable personal brand
  • Empowers you to show up as your best self
  • Projects your authentic self consistently

Blanca’s experience with the Create Your Signature Look program

Blanca’s experience with the Create Your Signature Look program was a transformative journey toward enhancing her personal brand and image as a leader. With a aim of leveraging her appearance for positive career impact, Blanca recognized the value of aligning her authentic self with how she presents herself outwardly. Through the program, she had the opportunity to evaluate and assess her image, from her wardrobe to her makeup choices.

With the guidance of experts, Blanca gained valuable insights into how to best highlight her features and make the most of her existing wardrobe. This newfound knowledge not only allowed her to effortlessly show up as her best self but also alleviated the stress and time-consuming task of selecting an outfit each day. By embracing her signature look, Blanca’s confidence and comfort were elevated, enabling her to project a strong and inspiring presence to her teams and peers. The program truly empowered Blanca to harness the power of her image and effectively establish herself as an authority in her role.

If you are interested in creating your own signature look, we encourage you to check out our Create Your Signature Look program.

In this program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate and assess your image with the help of experts
  • Learn how to best highlight your features and make the most of your existing wardrobe
  • Develop a signature look that is authentic and reflects your personal style
  • Gain the confidence to show up as your best self, every day

Quote by Tammy Parrish (Image and influence: Leveraging Your Appearance for Positive Career Impact)

“I think the beauty of what Create Your Signature Look does is ‘learn it and be done’ in a way.”

Tammy Parrish

The Create Your Signature Look program is the perfect way to take your personal brand to the next level. Contact us today to learn more!

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The Time and Energy Investment in Image

Our image is a reflection of who we are, both internally and externally. It is the way we present ourselves to the world, and it can have a significant impact on our personal and professional lives.

The time and energy we invest in our image can vary depending on our individual needs and preferences. Our goal in Create Your Signature Look is for you to spend less time getting ready so that you have more time on the things that matter (more than image) to you, including leveraging your appearance for a positive career impact.

Some people may spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance, while others may be more relaxed. However, regardless of how much time and energy we invest, our image is always an investment.

When we put effort into our image, we are essentially investing in ourselves. We are saying that we are worth taking the time to look our best. This can help us to feel more confident and self-assured, which can have a positive impact on our overall well-being.

An image of black women confidently posing together. The theme is about leveraging your appearance for positive career impact.

On the other hand, if we do not put effort into our image, we may risk feeling insecure and self-conscious. We may also experience decision fatigue, which is the feeling of being overwhelmed by the number of choices we have to make. This can make it difficult to make decisions about anything, including our appearance.

Ultimately, the time and energy we invest in our image is up to us. However, it is important to be aware of the potential benefits and risks of both investing and not investing in our appearance.

Knowing Your Image Inside and Out

When we know our image inside and out, it can save us a lot of time and energy. We don’t have to agonize over what to wear every day, and we can focus on other things. This can be a huge relief, especially if we are busy or stressed. In addition, when we know our image, we feel more confident. We know that we look our best, and we don’t have to worry about what other people think. This can give us a boost of confidence that can carry us through the day.

Quote by Natalie Setareh (Image and influence: Leveraging Your Appearance for Positive Career Impact)

“We all want to look our best, and we spend a lot of time and energy making sure we do. That’s image we’re putting forward. But at times through our clients we see a lot of insecurity. It actually ends up taking way more time to pick out an outfit — something so basic.”- Natalie Setareh

If you are looking to save time and energy and feel more confident, it is worth investing in your image. Take the time to figure out what works for you, and stick with it. You will be glad you did.


In a world where first impressions matter, the power of your image should never be underestimated. Blanca’s journey teaches us that leveraging your appearance for positive career impact is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling confident, being authentic, and making conscious choices. A signature look can streamline daily routines and create a strong personal brand. Regardless of the time invested, our image is an investment in our self-esteem and overall well-being.

Blanca’s story teaches us that our professional image can shape our career path and impact those around us. So, embrace authenticity, make conscious appearance choices, and recognize the power of investing in your image on your journey to career success.

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