Image depicting a group of women with diverse body types embracing the theme of body acceptance.

Body Acceptance

Body Acceptance in a Society Obsessed with Appearance

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Originally published on November 30, 2023.

In today’s society, we are constantly bombarded with images of so-called perfect bodies, making the journey toward body acceptance even more crucial.

An animated depiction showcasing diverse female body shapes, with a focus on promoting body positivity and self-acceptance.

This can make it difficult to accept our own bodies, no matter what size or shape they are. We are Natalie Setareh and Tammy Parrish, a professional makeup artist and stylist team committed to helping our clients Create Their Signature Look and find peace with their bodies.

We believe that everyone has a unique beauty and style, and we show our clients how to find their own personal style and feel confident in their own skin. We’re passionate about disrupting the stale ideas of the beauty and fashion industries, and show clients how to to pave their own way confidently. Part of our work is hosting real-life conversations and disrupting the outdated norms and ideas about style and beauty. If you’re interested in learning more about what working with a professional stylist and makeup artist looks like, schedule a short 15-minute call (we don’t bite!) to learn more about the Create Your Signature Look program.

What is Body Acceptance?

Body acceptance is the belief that all bodies are worthy of respect and appreciation, regardless of size, shape, or appearance. It is about accepting your body for what it is, not letting society’s standards dictate how you feel about yourself.

A quote by Tammy Parrish, an image consultant.

“Body acceptance has many faces, and specifically, we want to talk about body positivity and body neutrality and how you can use style and makeup to influence those things and to basically give ourselves more confidence, because who can’t use that?” – Tammy Parrish

The body positivity movement challenges the prevailing beauty standards and aims to dismantle the harmful effects of diet culture and body dissatisfaction. It advocates for the idea that all bodies are worthy of respect and appreciation, regardless of their shape, size, or weight. It recognizes that physical appearance does not define a person’s worth or value.

Why Is Body Acceptance or Loving Our Bodies So Hard for so many?

Patriarchal Ideals

A visual representation of a woman covering her ears while others point at her, highlighting society's critical stance on women's bodies.

Patriarchal ideals are the centuries old belief that men are superior to women and non-binary people. These ideals have woven the beauty and fashion industries and have had a significant impact on how we view our bodies.


One of the most common beauty standards is the hourglass figure. This standard is based on the idea that women should have a curvy figure with a small waist and large breasts and hips. This standard is often unattainable for women who are not naturally curvy.


Another common beauty standard is the idea that women should be thin. This standard is often based on the idea that thin women are more attractive and desirable (to men) than women who are not thin. This standard can be harmful to women’s mental and physical health.

Youthful Skin & Western Look

A woman undergoing a plastic surgery procedure.

I (Natalie) have worked with many brides from Southeast Asia and East Asia who essentially wanted plastic surgery with makeup to make their eyes look bigger, so that they could look more Western. Instead of caving into these desires, I capitalized on the unique eye shape of my clients and used makeup to enhance their natural beauty vs. make them look like someone they weren’t. 

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When we don’t fit into the patriarchal norms, we end up not loving our bodies… and there are consequences. 

When you don’t love or accept your body, it can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health and lead to:

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that involve unhealthy eating habits and a distorted body image. People with eating disorders often feel like they need to control their weight and shape in order to feel good about themselves.


Depression is a common mental illness that can cause a variety of symptoms, including sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It can be triggered by a number of factors, including body image issues.

A woman looking at her body in the mirror with a sad expression.


Anxiety is a common mental illness that can cause a variety of symptoms, including worry, nervousness, and restlessness.

It can be triggered by a number of factors, including body image issues.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a negative view of yourself that can lead to a variety of problems, including difficulty forming relationships, making decisions, and achieving goals.

Social Isolation

People who don’t love or accept their bodies may avoid social situations out of fear of being judged. This can lead to social isolation and loneliness. Natalie personally battled acne and knows all too well how this oppressed her natural extroverted personality.


Self-harm is a behavior in which someone intentionally hurts themselves, often as a way to cope with emotional pain. People who don’t love or accept their bodies may be more likely to self-harm.

Two Ways To Practice Body Acceptance:

1. Body Positivity

A visual featuring three women in lingerie holding whiteboards with empowering messages: "I Love My Body," "I'm Beautiful," and "I Am Fit," promoting body acceptance and positivity

Body positivity is about loving and accepting your body, regardless of its size, shape, or appearance. It can be a helpful approach for people who struggle with negative body image. It can help you to focus on the positive aspects of your body and to appreciate your body for what it can do. However, body positivity can also be unrealistic for some people. It can be difficult to love and accept your body all the time, especially if you have struggled with negative body image for a long time.

When getting ready with a body positivity mindset, you might focus on:

  • Choosing clothes that make you feel good, regardless of what size or shape you are.
  • Taking the time to do your hair and makeup, if that’s something you enjoy.
  • Taking a moment to appreciate your body for all that it can do. 
A quote by Natalie- makeup artist

“Choose positivity and radiate positive energy, as it can have a great impact on our life and exchanges. Whether we decide to wear makeup or not, we must be confidently positive about who we are.” – Natalie Setareh

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2. Body Neutrality

Body neutrality is about acknowledging your body for what it is, without judgment.

It can be a more realistic approach for people who struggle with negative body image. Body neutrality doesn’t require you to love your body. It simply requires you to acknowledge your body for what it is, without judgment. This can be a helpful way to reduce the amount of negative thoughts you have about your body.

“Your appearance should not determine your value. Sometimes it’s hard to love your body. And that’s okay.” Tammy Parrish

When getting ready with a body neutrality mindset, you might focus on:

  • Choosing clothes that are comfortable and practical.
  • Taking the time to do your hair and makeup, if that’s something you enjoy.
  • Focusing on your overall appearance, rather than just your body.

Here are some tips for loving and accepting your body:

Image of diverse group of women with smiles on their faces, posing to support and promote body acceptance.

Challenge negative thoughts about your body.

When you have a negative thought about your body, challenge it. Ask yourself if the thought is really true. Is it helpful? Is it kind? If the thought is not true, helpful, or kind, let it go.

Focus on your strengths.

Everyone has their own unique body shape and features. Take some time to think about what you love about your body, and focus on those things. Be kind to yourself. It’s normal to have negative thoughts about your body sometimes. But try to be kind to yourself and focus on the positive.

Remember that you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with body image issues. You’re not alone in this, and there are people who can help.

Outsource Your Image.

If you’re struggling with body image issues and you are ready to invest in yourself, consider Create Your Signature Look. Many people turn to the Create Your Signature Look program in a state of when they’re going through a change in life, and their clothes no longer fit their body, lifestyle or career. They finish the program with a life-changing and positive outlook on their image and appearance.

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How can developing a personal sense of style and learning how to wear makeup help with body acceptance?

Style and makeup can be powerful tools for self-expression. When you choose clothes and makeup that make you feel confident and beautiful, you are sending a message to yourself and to the world that you love and accept your body. The problem is, it’s hard to learn these things from the current media/influencer culture. It’s also hard to learn these things as we age because our bodies and faces change.

A photo of a woman with glasses and curly hair showing two clothing choices in front of a camera.

If you are struggling with body acceptance, consider working 1:1 with a personal stylist and makeup artist inside a program like Create Your Signature Look. Together, we’ll help you to find clothes and makeup that aligns with your goals and values…ultimately making you feel more confident and beautiful. If you can outsource your housekeeping, your laundry, or your financial planning — why not outsource looking good?

Image of a makeup artist applying eyeliner on her client.

Of course, not everyone is ready to work 1:1 with a stylist or makeup artist — so here are a few tips for using style and makeup to boost your body acceptance:

  • Choose clothes that fit well and make you feel comfortable.
  • Experiment with different makeup looks until you find one that you love.
  • Surround yourself with positive images of people of all sizes and shapes.
  • Challenge negative body image messages in the media.

Closing Thoughts

Body acceptance is a journey, not a destination.

It takes time and effort to learn to love and accept your body. But it’s worth it. When you accept your body, you are free to live your life to the fullest.

If you are ready to work with professionals who celebrate all bodies and faces, welcome all personality types, and develop your signature look with decades of experience, consider Create Your Signature Look. Working with Tammy and Natalie will change your life and your relationship with your body forever.

A picture of hands holding a cardboard sign that says "Perfectly Imperfect."

You will learn to love and accept your body for what it is, and you will feel more confident and beautiful than ever before. We can help you overcome the negative effects of patriarchal ideals.

We do not subscribe to the idea that women (or men or non-binary people) need to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Instead, we show you how to embrace your unique beauty and to create a style that aligns with your values.

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